"“There is a vigorous new generation and the climate change movement, I think, is very important, with Greta Thunberg and all those people who are doing this kind of work, but that and the rights of women are very connected. So, the people who want to suppress women, also want to pretend there is no climate crisis. So, if you suppress women, you suppress also some very strong voices about the climate crisis”.

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poetess, critic, essayist and novelist. Margaret has started to write at the age of 6, but her career as a novelist has officially begun in 1966 with “The Circle Game”, the poems collection based on the conflict between man and nature. In 1985 was published “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Atwood’s most famous novel, which won several prizes and international awards. In her novel, Margaret describes the dystopic reality of an obscurantist future USA, where all women are totally subject to the State’s power. The novel is highly politic and revolves around women’s alienation considered as objects, on the power dynamics between gender and on the moral responsibilities of its main characters. A very crucial aspect of Atwood’s novels is the fluidity of the reading, which has made her works accessible to a vast portion of readers.


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