"It’s said a lot in France and other countries that feminism is outdated, old-fashioned. I don’t believe that one bit. Well, you know my ideas on the condition of women. I think what has to be achieved for women is a total, radical emancipation, which would make them truly equal to men, and this can only be achieved through work. It is necessary that women work exactly in the same universal way and for it to be just as normal for them, so that intellectually, psychologically, and morally they can feel profoundly from within, equal to men. And also to have equivalent economic, political, and social responsibilities”.

Simone de Beauvoir was a French writer, famous for her strong feminist ideas and for her notorious writing “The second sex”. Simone de Beauvoir is considered to be the mother of the feminist movement, developed following the student protests of May 1968 and continued during the ‘70s. During these years she was engaged on many fronts: in 1971 she wrote the “Manifesto of the 343 Sluts”, a petition signed by 343 women, among which there were intellectuals, actresses, and ordinary women who publicly admitted that they had an abortion (which, at the time, was illegal in France).


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